Finnish Institute London: First meeting

January 29th, 2006… My notes if they make any sense… Susan

Introduction of the Project. Nodal model. Europe as super-node.
– The postcolonial
– The recent ‘multicultural’:
– Russian history relationship
– Our mode of working. How to represent a process

TV broadcast
Movie insert
Public Events
Private process represented to the public
Private process kept private
More self conscious public ‘outputs’

Question of Portugal. Passionately pro-EU, saved their bacon.

Themes ideas/ specific to each place. ‘Expertise’ from each place? Expertise from each group/ person. (eg. Platforma’s diagramatics, architectural expertise, perhaps film/ video)

Taru’s White Sheet
Religion/ Church issues
Stories – vernacular/ unofficial histories (minor histories)
Transition/ speed – future space
Language, politics of language
Accountability/ stake in public/ civic sphere. Democratising old (hangover spaces) and new political forms.
Alignments/ affiliation. Political spaces
Europe as super node
Selective inclusion/ new border regimes, camps
East/ west, European internal colonialism. Shifting perceptions.
Non-EU Europe?

– Role/ Function of these practices – public practices, strategies for intervening in, constructing these new spaces/ societies.

Who are WE anyway. Different expertise. Citizens and artists with common cause.
Daniel: To work individually or to set up some collaborations/ collaborative frameworks? (seems positive)

Tellervo: what are the motivations? What does each want to get out of it? Personal angle? Specific work that might come out of it. Interesting to talk about it all now. To get excited enough about something to really take this up.

Daniel: Research process is an approach. How this would facilitate the approach. Ongoing, articulated in different ways.

– Something specific. Rural spaces – the changes.
– Aisling – stories that tell you how things are
– Dinko – undeveloped spaces of Europe. Condition of transition spaces. The dark bits on the light map (Taru – maybe they are just unrecognised)
– Dinko – exchanges between places – conditions of habitation. Tourists who live places for a while. Enjoying rurality without the ‘baggage’.
– Nicole – commuter tourists, and ex-pats. Inner tourism (excursions).
– Maybe – mode of inhabitation, condition of being there (temporary,

(Centri as a mode of connection, beyond dominant structures of articulation. Centri through operating a different mode of connection we might posit another space)…

Centri- diagrammatic. Contaminate the clean, outside positioning of the multiplicity type diagrams.

wiki map?
Through characters? Mobile. Frameworks for characters have changed in Croatia. Co-ordinates and reference points wrecked.
Aisling – morphing software – bedroom bigger at night.
Taru – points of view.
Nicole – verse. The vernacular of verse. Esperanto. Fiction, drama and scriptedness. Stage drama in Esperanto. Brechtian strategies. Stuttering in another language. Take them away from the anthropological purism.

A web-site. Keep it open. Plug into it. Space of play, hook up,


Project Space of Helsinki Kunsthalle Spring 2007? (Nifca)
Belfast – Splitting residency slot at Flax/ Interface Slot (2007 is full)
Colette, Grant Watson.
Croatia: Protokol. Would have to have a public appearance.2006 funding. £4,000. Lectures on EU policy! SPLIT also.
Commitments/ Conditions
…. Cash, travel grants.

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