Modes of Operation… the intention

Centrifugal’s multi-layered geography is reflected in the format of the project as well as in its critical aim to investigate the modes of operation defined in terms of the very notion of network. Network is the key critical concern that directs the strategic modes and forms of operation the project sets out to test and develop. The network is rethought in terms of a working “we” that is both mobile and situated. At the heart of the project is an aim to create meaningful platforms for encounter and interaction that can generate strong future collaborations and new networks between these cities. Therefore it is crucial that the collective research and workshops between an active working group create a firm base for further exchange. Centrifugal intends to support both processes simultaneously.

The project is punctuated by a series of residencies followed by public events, forums and exhibitions. To reflect the cumulative process of the project we have called our activities Sequences. The Sequences will, in their various forms and in different ways, mobilise and modify what is defined as an exhibition, a conference, a residency, a public forum.

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