Talk and discussion:
May 22nd, 20 – 22h; Galerija SC

The talk examines the disappearance of internationalism from the alternative cultural scene: how, although artists are now traveling much more now than what they did in the ‘70s or ‘80s, they are considerably less aware of the conceptual and historical importance of internationalism than before. For many artists ‘internationalism’ is only about friend-networks, gossiping and personal psychological stories. For example, in the ‘80s underground scene in Turkey and many similar countries, especially in the hard-core punk scene, even though they did not have many tools for communication, people knew what was going on in Peru, Poland, Stockholm, USA and Malaysia.

In his lecture Boynik will develop, with a number of visual examples, a theory about the disappearance of internationalism in the arts and the alternative cultural networks: what influence the non-critical post-modern approaches in the arts and culture had on this, how the optimism of cyber-futurism as well as nationalism are connected to this disappearance.

Sezgin Boynik is a sociologist currently working in Istanbul on a book on punk and underground movement in Turkey in the late 80s and 90s. Previously he has worked on the Situationist International. With Minna Henriksson his ongoing project is on contemporary art and nationalism.


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