Zagreb Workshop: RE/NAMING

Wed-Thu 23.-24.5.2007 at the Student Centre Gallery (approx. 10-17 daily)

The workshop will explore complex historical, political and cultural layers of our everyday environment with a focus on changing names. The aim is to unearth curious local histories underlying seemingly innocent, uninteresting or even meaningless names. These stories will then be reflected on in relation to some more general critical questions raised by these ongoing processes of renaming that continuously shape our surroundings and ourselves.

The workshop is thematically organized under the following two categories:
1) political, geographical and taxonomical point of view: streets, squares, cities, states, continents, planets, galaxies, etc.
– Why rename? Who renames?
– Does renaming change the object somehow?
2) Social, gender and identity point of view: ourselves, others, groups, gangs, neighbours, nations, etc.
– When do we want to change our name or hide behind a nickname? Why?
– How do we call ourselves and how do we call others? Why?

The work will take place in the gallery and out in the city. The products (drawings, stories, maps, snapshots etc) will be presented in the gallery as part of the Centrifugal exhibition (26.5.-10.6.2007).

The workshop is run by a Finnish artist Kalle Hamm, a participant in the Centrifugal project, whose work examines cultural encounters and their impacts both in historical and contemporary contexts. See e.g. and


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