Centrifugal Seminar at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Centrifugal: For Critical Interdisciplinary Practices in and around the Edges of Europe

Public Seminar Participants: Daniel JEWESBURY, Aisling O’BEIRN (Belfast); Kalle HAMM, Dzamil KAMANGER, Minna HENRIKSSON (Helsinki); Nicole HEWITT, PLATFORMA 9,81 (Zagreb, Split)

Fri 13.04.2012, 19.00

Centrifugal is a platform that brings together cultural producers from 3 European locations positioned close to the edges of Europe: Helsinki, Zagreb and Belfast. The project seeks to evaluate the idea of the European project from within, exploring the exchanges taking place on these ‘margins’, the micro-political ways in which we orientate ourselves, and what it is that links and also distinguishes the local situations.

We explore this troubled common ground through investigations of the relationship between historical European Kingdoms and Empires and their inherited and colonial peripheral lands, and how these histories haunt the contemporary European project.

This seminar will reflect on past work and examine the dramatic shifts in our context in the last two years: the rise of ‘Austerity Europe’ and its democratic deficits; the surge of populist and right wing discourses of anti-migration, nationalism and protectionism. How can artists challenge these discourses and propose new forms of interconnectedness, orientation and mobility?

This seminar is an event in the series JURISDICTIONS with Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen fellow 2011-12 Susan Kelly

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