The Centrifugal Book of Europe

The Centrifugal Book of Europe is available now
GBP 15 / EUR 15 plus P&P.

Please bear with us while we set up our online systems! In the meantime if you want to buy a copy of the book please email us at [at] and we will send you a Paypal invoice. You can then pay via Paypal, or using debit or credit cards.

The members of Centrifugal are artists, educators, architects and theorists who have come together to investigate the spatial, political and economic forces producing contemporary ideas of Europe. Centrifugal arises from the peripheries, from sites that have often been formed through their colonial relations with the ‘old Europe’, and which are now structured through complex webs of desire, resistance and adaptation. The project is concerned with finding resonances and affinities across the diverse spaces, histories and political imaginaries inhabiting these edges of Europe.

Centrifugal participants:

SEZGIN BOYNIK is a sociologist currently working on his Phd in the Cultural Policy department of Jyvaskyla University, on the cultural politics of alternative cinema production in Socialist Yugoslavia during the sixties and seventies. Previously he has published on the Situationist International, the history of Punk and on connections of nationalism and contemporary art.

TARU ELFVING is a curator and writer based in Helsinki. Her research at Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths College, has focused on the figure of the Girl, the space of address and the viewer as witness in video installations. She is currently director of Contemporary Art Archipelago for Turku 2011, European Capital of Culture.

KALLE HAMM in an artist based in Helsinki, whose work examines cultural encounters and their impacts both in historical and contemporary contexts. See e.g. and

MINNA HENRIKSSON is an artist based in Helsinki, but also active in south-east Europe. Her artistic work is based on social research.

NICOLE HEWITT is an artist and researcher who lives and works in Zagreb and London. Her recent works are films concerned with the rehearsal, performance and recitation of self as manifested in the ballroom dancing schools of Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. She teaches at the Department of Animation and New Media, at the Art Academy of Zagreb.

DANIEL JEWESBURY is an artist based in Belfast working in 16mm film. His work explores the complex and troublesome relationships between place and identity. He is a co-editor of Variant magazine ( and a Visiting Fellow at GradCAM, the Graduate School in Creative Arts and Media in Dublin (

SUSAN KELLY is an artist and writer based in London. Her work is concerned with the relationship between art, rhetoric and the micro-political and has been included in exhibitions at the NCCA, St. Petersburg; the Prague Biennial; The Lenin Museum, Finland; Art in General, New York; Krasnoyarsk Museum Siberia; pm Gallery Zagreb. She is currently a lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, London.

AISLING O’BEIRN is an artist based in Belfast, making work concerned with the politics of space for both gallery and site specific contexts. She has exhibited internationally, and is represented by The Third Space Gallery, Belfast. She is an Associate Lecturer in Sculpture at the University of Ulster. See

PLATFORMA 9,81 is a non-profit organization based in Zagreb. Platforma 9,81 focuses on social and economic changes that occur as a result of Croatia’s efforts to enter the European Union and changes that affect the architecture and urbanism.

Guest contributors:

Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen are artists, based in Helsinki. They participated in the first sequence of Centrifugal, in London.
Stephen Morton is a theorist based in London, and lectures in English at the University of Southampton.
Robert Porter is a theorist based in Belfast, and lectures in Media Studies at the University of Ulster.
Mitja Velikonja is a theorist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Jože Barši is an artist based in Slovenia.

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